Wise words on climate change from Wade Davis

This, from Wade Davis‘s brilliant foreword to “Tibet, Culture on the Edge” by Phil Borges:

“There is no serious scientist alive who questions the severity and implications of this (climate) crisis, or the factors, decisions, and priorities that caused it to occur.  It has come about because of the consequences of a particular worldview.  We have for three centuries now, as Thom Hartmann has written, consumed the ancient sunlight of the world.  Our economic models are projections and arrows when they should be circles.  To define perpetual growth on a finite planet as the sole measure of economic well-being is to engage in a form of slow collective suicide.  To deny or exclude from the calculus of governance and economy the costs of violating the biological support systems of life is the logic of delusion.”

A beautiful and important book.


One thought on “Wise words on climate change from Wade Davis

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