Solidarité with France

As we all grapple with the horrific attacks in Paris last week, an insightful report has just been issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace: their 2014 Global Terrorism Index.

I found this illustration of terrorist incidents since 2000 (page 14 of the report) to be particularly interesting, worthy of reflection:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.56.00 pm

The enormous increase in deaths from terrorist actions since 2011 is clear, and seems to be correlated with the Syrian civil war. ¬†The growth of deaths related to terrorism after the US invasion of Iraq is also notable, as is the decrease after the troop “surge” in 2007.

Prior to the recent attacks, the situations in Iraq and Nigeria are very worrisome.

Many thanks to the Institute for Economics and Peace for this important document, which helps us understand the facts and, perhaps, some aspects of the causes.

What is development? What should it be? What should it not be? Who decides?

An interesting take on what the basic aim of development ought to be, and what it often becomes:

Thanks to Chris Mastaglio for sharing the link.