“A cool head and a warm heart.”

For thirty years, I have led and managed complex, international organizations, growing progressively in scale, scope, and responsibility — in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.  I am known as a supportive and enabling leader, as a skilled builder of empowered, inspired, and accountable teams in exceptionally-diverse contexts.

My track record, over these years and across these cultures, is clear — systems understanding, sharpening organizational focus and effectiveness, managing innovation, disruption and change, and delivering results.  My particular expertise is in strategy development and execution, and in modernizing and aligning organizational systems to strategy: planning and budgeting, human resource management and development, and monitoring and evaluation.

Recently I took a deep dive into conflict management and dispute resolution — skills increasingly relevant in our social-justice organizations, and in the communities we serve.


Check out my blog series here: climbing New Hampshire’s 4000-footers, and reflecting on a career in development, social justice, conflict and peace-building, and thoughts along the way.


I can help you and your organization navigate the disruptive changes that our nonprofit sector is experiencing. Just contact me, via Linked-In, for:

  • Strategic Consulting Services;
  • Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution;
  • Interim Executive Management.

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